Fr. Joseph Weber to the Dominican Sisters written after Mother Columba’s death

March 20, 1887

Dear Reverend Sisters,

I am wholeheartedly with you at this site of sorrow. In spirit I gaze at the dear body of Mother whom I have loved so dearly and in a godly manner. More or less at 9:30pm on the night from Friday to Saturday, I was kneeling turned to the window and praying after vespers the Sacrosanctae in honor of Saint Joseph. Suddenly, a white little bird flew in front of my windows. At first I took it for a night bird surprised by its whiteness, yet explaining it away: that there was a lamp under my window. But during Matutinum I recalled Mother and at last I realized that it was her soul. I prayed for her and on the morrow I offered Mass for her and my intentions. In the afternoon I received a message. With it, the explanation arrived of what bird that was. I hold a strong conviction that it was her beautiful soul which, keeping her word, came to inform me about the experienced trials and sufferings. I write this to your consolation and encouragement that you, dear Sisters, endure this blow manfully and follow in the footsteps of your Mother in the surrender to the will of God. I will write more at a later time, only in brief now.

Please, withhold the funeral till Saturday. Do not solder the coffin until a cruet from me arrives. Dear pastor will place it in the coffin as we have arranged it. I will send it together with a tablet on Monday afternoon: Sunday unfortunately prevented it from being done earlier. The body in the coffin can stay in the chapel. It is cold there. Besides, certainly it will not decay. The coffin was sent only today.

Please, do take a photograph of the body. I truly desire to owe one. I will cover the expenses if the photographer is in Tarnobrzeg. There is not to be any eulogy at the funeral for Mother did not wish it. But on Tuesday, a day before the funeral, yes, eulogy is allowed during the devotion if there is anyone willing to give one. The funeral is to be postponed till Wednesday because it is necessary to put Mother’s biography to the coffin. The pastor will confirm it with his signature and the seal.

Please, describe to me details of Mother’s death. I was hoping to receive a letter from you, nevertheless, there was none.

Dear Sisters, may God bless you and consol you in this time of sorrow. Whenever I recall her, even though a man, I cannot withhold tears either.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Joseph