Traits of Spirituality

In a particular way, devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and to the Most Holy Mother of God enlivened the saints of our Order, as if hereditary in the family of the patriarch Dominic. The sisters will follow the Saints of the Order by imitating their devotion and burning love to the Mystery Most Holy which is the summary of all the miracles of God’s love.

(Constitutions 1888)

I promised Lord Jesus to instill in the hearts of our sisters a particular devotion to the Most Holy Mystery of the Altar; may it become a hallmark of our Congregation.


I offered to the Lord Jesus concealed in the Most Holy Sacrament our reverence and love forever, when I dedicated this Congregation to Him as a child, of whom I am the Mother. I offered it with the desire and promise that this Congregation will always and in a distinct way adore Him and never cease to propagate this reverence and love for Him. May the tradition I am sharing with you be passed from generation to generation. May our reverence and love for the Most Holy Mystery of the Altar be so profound and ardent that people looking to us could say about us: indeed, these are Dominicans of the Blessed Sacrament!

(Chronicles of Wielowieś)

Better not to be a Dominican if one has no reverence for the Most Holy Sacrament.


The Rosary is a treasure of the children of St. Dominic. Never forget that St. Dominic instituted it principally for the conversion of sinners. To say it for that purpose, we enter into the very intentions of the Founder, inspired by the Blessed Virgin. In the Rosary, we do not separate Mary from Jesus, through whom the Mother of God becomes everything for us.

(Directory for the Novitiate)

I need to undertake a deeper devotion to the Holy Spirit, for He is the only one who will help my soul to understand better the divine thought, and then to fulfill it. He is the only one capable of making me an absolute possession of Jesus concealed in the Host.


Be assured that to those called to establish a religious community, God gives both particular inspirations and insight into the future. Believe firmly that at the beginning of our foundation, God gave also to me, sinful as I am, some inspirations and instructions. It is your duty now to keep to the outlined directions and to listen blindly and without hesitance. It is necessary that you, as elders now, are clearly and thoroughly instructed so that later you will be able to teach the younger sisters. Through you, they are to be strengthened in the direction God meant from the beginning.

(From a letter to the Sisters)