The spirit of sacrifice

Withdraw nothing from the Lord Jesus and you will see how He can pay love for love. You will experience that to serve Him is more than to reign.

(A note in the journal of an unknown sister)

The spirit of self-donation in religious life is what the heart is for the human body. The spirit of self-donation necessarily demands of the religious soul that she considers herself constantly living in the state of self-donation; that she is a sacrifice to God. To be a sacrifice to God means that I do not belong to myself, that I do not dispose of myself anymore, to remain only in the power of God, and not to act unless it is according to His will.

(Directory for the Novitiate)

Gaze intently at Jesus stretched out on the cross. This sight will inflame your hearts and make them brave. And look to heaven, for the hope of future happiness encourages to self-sacrifice.

(Directory for the Novitiate)

To wake up every morning as if to a new life in order to lay it down in an offering every now and again, and to die away to self through love and for love of the Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament!