Surrender to the Will of God

To Jesus the Lord concealed in the Most Holy Sacrament, the Sacrament of His love, I surrendered ownership of everything through the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary. May he bring to completion and fulfillment all of the designs that the Most Holy Trinity has for me, and lay them down in sacrifice, uniting them with the Most Holy Sacrifice.


Let us love God alone, and everyone for God and in Him. Let us desire solely to the fulfillment of the divine will and the salvation of souls; for that is what truly matters.
What do we gain if, not having fulfilled the will of God, we are separated from Him after this life?
I do not know what the Lord God will ask of me in the future; I only ask for a clear understanding of the divine will and that I may satisfy it most perfectly.

(Letter to the Sisters in Wielkie Oczy)

In the entire endeavor of sanctification, the soul should focus exclusively on satisfying the will of God: what pleases Him, what fulfills His eternal thought. In other words, the soul should desire to perfect its reflection of God according to the degree and manner He wills.


Surrender into the hands of our most kind-hearted God like a child surrenders to its father; may He deals with you as He wishes.

(Letter to Sr. Damiana, 1885)

Frequently recount short aspirations of surrender to the will of God, of trust in Him, and of His love.

(Letter to Sr. Damiana, 1885)

The spirit of sacrifice demands of the consecrated soul that she thinks about herself as living in the state of sacrifice. However, what does this truly mean? Very few souls understand this and even fewer are willing to practice it perfectly. To be an offering to God, and to be so by one’s vocation, means not to belong to oneself; not to dispose of oneself; but rather to remain solely in the power of God; to depend exclusively on Him; to act only in accordance with His will regardless of through whom and in what way He will choose to make it known to you. I am an offering to God… What a fascinating thought for a consecrated soul. It has the power to sustain the soul through any occurrence of life.

(Directory for the Novitiate)

Make a wholehearted sacrifice of your life to God if that is His holy will.

(Letter to Sr. Damiana, 1885)

O, may I allow God to do with me anything and never rebel in His hands; and whatever He allows to happen to me, may I accept it thankfully.

(Letter to Fr. Łobos; 1876)

The better aligned you were with the will of God at first, the more consolation you will have in your hearts at present. You can clearly see, dear Sisters, that at times God is satisfied with the offering of the heart alone.

(Letter to the Sisters in Wielowieś)

Dear Sister, what is the matter with you! Where is your faith and trust in the provision and providence of God over the Congregation! You have experienced so many miracles, so much of divine care and always respond with such faint heartedness. Fear God! What example for the younger sisters is it if you, the elder, have so little spirit. Sister, you do not count on the Lord God at all, but take everything on human terms.

(Letter to an unknown sister in Rawa Ruska)