O Jesus, concealed in the Most Holy Sacrament, take my person into your possession so that it is you with me, in me, and through me who accomplishes, suffers, speaks, and thinks everything; that no longer I, but you, live in me for the glory of your Father. Draw me towards yourself perfectly that you become everything for me and that I consider as nothing everything that is not you. Mother of God, I choose you as guardian of this sacrifice, for I have made it through you. Never allow me to withdraw from the Lord Jesus concealed in the Most Holy Sacrament; you nurture me for him and according to his thought.

O dear Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, despite all temptations and whispers of self-love, I want you to always remain my only purpose; I want to act and suffer solely out of holy love. In this intention I offer you everything until death. Lord Jesus, be by my side, with me, and in me. Forgive me my past; blot it out with your Precious Blood. O Lord, fulfill in me your original designs, full of love, and make it so that I desire them for you, not for myself. I beg you: may you, and not me, honor your Father in me. I entrust myself, all my loved ones, and everything to your Heart. Have mercy on me at the last hour of my life. Lord, may your mercy be extolled for all eternity. Mother of mercy, to whom if not to you, after God, should I thank for everything? Under the care of your Heart, Oh Mother Immaculate, I surrender everything. I beseech you: bring to completion your work in me.

O my Jesus, for the purpose of fulfilling your will, and in unity with you, I give you the bread of my obedience which I desire to feed you. In my misery, I can give you nothing else. Yet I beg you to give me your life and feed me with yourself. I miss you. Come to me and dwell in me as you desire, foresee, and can.

My dear Jesus, I call out to you from the depth of my misery. Cast on me a ray of your purifying grace. Give me your love, and transform me as you desire, foresee, and can. Oh Jesus, my God, you alone have life, grandeur, and holiness. My sanctification is in your charge. Deign to put your hand to re-create and finish your own work. Oh my Jesus, without you I care to attend to nothing, for I belong to myself no longer. Body of Christ, save me. Most Precious Blood of Christ, purify me. Heart of Jesus, set me ablaze with your love.