Prayerful Aspirations

O dear Jesus, ignite in all of us the fire of your true love. Form us as you want to have us.

(Letter to Sisters collecting in Hungary; 1868)

O Jesus, concealed in the Most Holy Sacrament, may all the steps I take to fulfill your will draw me ever more close to you.


Yes, my Jesus, even though the cost to me is great, it is difficult, I will do it for you. But Lord, deign to increase my inner strength, pull me even tighter to yourself, that I do not grow weary in my work. May your will be everything to me.


O Lord, give me your love. You yourself fashion my heart thus.


O my Jesus, concealed in the Most Holy Sacrament, I am yours; purify and transform me as your own possession.


Allow me, Jesus, to die out of longing and love for you. Allow me to love you eternally, to live on in your love, to be your own your possession, and to extol your most holy will for all eternity.

(Personal Prayer Book)

O most Sacred Heart of my Jesus, my only Treasure, the Love of my soul, my Everything on earth! O Heart of my Heavenly Bridegroom enclosed in the Most Holy Sacrament, I prostrate myself before you in my deepest adoration.

(Personal Prayer Book)

O merciful Jesus, when my soul stands before you and sees for the first time the brightness of your immortal majesty, do not reject it from before your Visage. Deign to receive me into your womb of so loving a mercy that I may sing your praises eternally.

(On the reverse of a holy card.)