The best penance for sins is to renounce one’s ego.


Strive to sustain the fire of holy desires.


Those who seriously desire to work toward purification of the heart should start at cleansing the thoughts: in them is the soul’s entire strength. Jesus is the only guardian of our heart. To Him then, we need to entrust its key so that nothing enters there without His permission. From His Heart we need to obtain thoughts and feelings.


Avail every instant, for time is ransomed with the Most Precious Blood of Jesus and given to us that we may work for heaven and the highest degree of love and glory.

(Letter to Sister Novices in Wielowieś; 1885)

To move forward in spiritual life requires patience and diligent work. Trust greatly in the help of the Lord Jesus. Everything will progress readily for a humble soul.

(A note in the journal of an unknown sister)

It is particularly in gazing at the Lord Jesus where you will find the strength and courage to fight against your principle vice.

(Directory for the Novitiate)